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Warehousing Services in Singapore

Your unique business needs should not be forced to fit in a box. That’s why our warehousing solutions focus on adding sustainable value, not relying on “how it is usually done”. Let us handle your supply chain while you focus on what matters most: your business.

a. Racks - Best For Single SKU

b. Shelving: Ideal for cartons

c. Mobile Racks: Perfect for inner packs

d. Bins

Achieve the quantifiable benefits of reduced storage space, efficient cargo handling, and better inventory accuracy with our customized storage solutions.

We optimise goods storage in 3 axes: viz length, depth and height. This takes into consideration product sizes (especially odd-shaped items), packaging, Unit of Measure, pallet sizes, and delicate handling to avoid damage.

Barcodes and QR codes act like zip codes in our warehouse and are applied to all storage locations. This translates into fast order picking, speedy replenishments, and razor-sharp inventory accuracy. We don’t play hide-and-seek with goods at iHub.

When you bring your business to us, we custom design an order picking operation tailored to your unique product and order characteristics. With a fine tuned process flow, you will see a boost in productivity, reduced cycle time, and increased stock accuracy.

Our operations deploy sleek picking trolleys, smart tablets, and Bluetooth enabled printers to streamline activity, ensuring the highest level of precision and orderliness is maintained.

With both ambient and aircon warehouse spaces, you can trust us to handle your temperature sensitive products with absolute care. We manage our facility with strict adherence to Singapore Food Agency (SFA) requirements, so edibles are safe with us.

We have also attained GDPMD certification for handling various medical products.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors are installed within our facility and vehicles to ensure goods stored with us remain fresh and of high quality. Additionally, customers have 24/7 visibility of the temperature and humidity reading via our Virtual Logistics System which can be logged in at any place, any time.

a. Robotic Cleaner


c. Door Access Control

d. Facial Recognition

e. Facial Biometric Thermometer

The extensive security measures you can expect when storing with iHub include:
- CCTVs covering the entire warehouse
- Burglar alarm with Central Monitoring System
- Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System that captures biometric data for heightened verification purposes.
- Door access control with motion detectors

Fitted with 3D cameras, Lidars, and 24/7 monitoring diagnostics, iHub’s autonomous scrubber robot ensures the warehouse is spotless. Our warehouse ceilings are fitted with a special membrane that ensures good airflow ventilation to keep the warehouse temperature constant while preventing the ingress of water droplets during thunderstorms.

a. Central Monitoring System


c. Door Access Control

d. Facial Recognition

e. Facial Biometric Thermometer

Pick-to-Light System

This Pick-to-Light solution streamlines B2C order fulfilment by combining VLS batch picking with intuitive Pick-to-Light technology and powered by AI.