Redefining Logistics
with AI

At iHub Solutions, a leading logistics provider in Singapore, we are committed to providing exceptional service throughout your entire supply chain journey. We leverage smart logistics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make that a reality. From warehouse fulfilment to last-mile delivery, our AI-assisted solutions ensure a seamless and efficient experience for your business.

Streamlined Deliveries: Route Optimization

Our AI-enabled route planning software is an invaluable aid to our drivers, helping them create efficient routes that minimize travel time. By analyzing historical data and geographical locations, the software suggests optimized routes that take into account factors such as distance and service time.

This translates to:


Happier Drivers:

Optimized routes minimize unnecessary travel time and backtracking, contributing to a positive work environment for our dedicated drivers.


Reduced Environmental Impact:

Efficient deliveries minimize fuel consumption, leading to a smaller carbon footprint. By minimizing fuel consumption, we play our part in creating a more sustainable future.


Faster Deliveries:

Get your products to your customers quicker with strategically planned routes, ensuring timely arrivals and satisfied customers, meeting the ever-growing demand for delivery logistics services in Singapore.

Delivering Precision: Unit Number Recognition

Say goodbye to missed deliveries due to incorrect addresses. We have implemented cutting-edge AI-assisted unit number recognition technology. This system aids our drivers by accurately identifying the correct unit location, ensuring flawless first-attempt deliveries.

This means:


Increased First-Attempt Delivery Rates:

No more wasted time or resources on redeliveries. Get your packages where they need to be, on the first try, every time.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Exceed customer expectations with on-time, accurate deliveries.

Batch Picking: AI-Powered Picking Efficiency

Our AI and machine learning algorithms go beyond just route planning. They analyze your orders, whether they are for eCommerce fulfilment or traditional channels, identifying patterns and optimizing the picking process within the warehouse. This allows pickers to collect multiple orders simultaneously, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy.

This translates to:


Reduced Labor Costs:

Optimized picking routes minimize time spent walking between locations, allowing pickers to fulfill orders more efficiently.


Increased Order Throughput:

Handle a higher volume of orders with maximum efficiency and accuracy. Our AI-enabled system ensures that orders are picked and processed quickly, keeping your supply chain moving smoothly.

Packing Like a Pro: AI-Powered Box Prediction

Packing is an art, but AI can help make it a science. Our AI analyzes the dimensions of your products to recommend the perfect box size for each order.

This results in:


Reduced Packaging Waste:

No more oversized boxes taking up valuable space and resources.


Improved Logistics:

Optimized box sizes allow for better space utilization during transportation.


Cost Savings:

By using the right-sized boxes, you save money on packaging materials.

The Future of Logistics is Here: Generative AI

As a trusted 3PL company (Third-Party Logistics) in Singapore, we cater to businesses of all sizes and hence we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in all areas as well. While we cannot reveal our secrets just yet, we are excited to announce that we are exploring the potential of generative AI in the logistics landscape. Get ready for a game-changer that will redefine the way we manage your supply chain! Stay tuned for further developments…

By embracing AI and ML, iHub Solutions is at the forefront of providing a superior logistics experience for our customers. With these intelligent technologies in place, we are confident that the future of logistics in Singapore is faster, smarter, and more sustainable.