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Amplify your brand's voice loudly and clearly, and ensure that your supply chain is just as faultless as your fashion sense. Look no further as we streamline your supply chain, handling the behind-the-scenes as we empower you to focus on creating that next trend setter.

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Product Types

  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Sportswear
  • Eyewear

If there is a similar theme between differing fashion products, it would be that they are beloved by everyone. No matter your taste, there is something that fits your vibe. This individuality can be an immense challenge to traditional supply chains, but it doesn’t have to be. From storage to inventory, picking to receiving, our processes are markedly different and will ensure that you can continue delighting your consumers with your style and consistency.

a. Racks - Best For Single SKU

b. Shelving: Ideal for cartons

c. Mobile Racks: Perfect for inner packs

d. Bins

We have pioneered storage systems, built-to-suit the needs of every product. Standard pallets and rackings waste space, your storage budgets, and leave a large environmental footprint (literally). No matter how numerous your SKU or how few your quantities per SKU are, we have the solution for you. Watch your inventory space and costs melt as we reduce wastage when you partner with us.

Timely & Accurate Fulfilment

Never worry again about errors or lateness with your customers' orders. With cutting edge technology like Pick-to-light and business processes based on zero defect, we guarantee an accuracy rate of 99.9%, no if’s and but’s about it. Even at peak periods, our processes have been stress-tested to withstand orders in multiples of usual volumes. Let us provide you that service assurance to give your brand the boost, by getting your products to customers who want that perfect dress right now.

Returns Handling

The customer is always right. Well at least this is true in fashion. When purchases are erroneous due to size, fit, or style issues, returns are inevitable. Our team has a tried-and-tested process of turning returned goods into ready stocks in an instant. We can even conduct quality checks (QC) of various thoroughness, giving you a peace of mind that defective stocks will remain quarantined in the warehouse. Returns don't have to be difficult, and we are well-poised to handle them smooth like butter.

Real-time trackability & traceability

Surprises lurk all around, sometimes from places we wish they would not come from. The especially vicious ones can damage brand reputations. Our robust tracking system empowers total control as we meticulously track and record all product movement, from order placement to order picking, and packing to delivery. This intensive tracking is enabled through battle-hardened processes and technology such as timestamps and surveillance cameras, allowing for unparallelled 24/7 visibility and transparency through the entire fulfilment process, proving to your customers that your fulfilment is as perfect as your brand.

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Fashion products can be fragile and sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. We offer both ambient & aircon storage, backed by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that monitor, regulate, and report the temperatures, especially in climate controlled areas. With 24/7 visibility on your storage conditions, give your products the same care they enjoy as though they were at the stores themselves.

The fast-paced world of fashion & lifestyle presents unique challenges for your supply chain, and this is no more glaring in warehousing and fulfilment services. Your inventory is a kaleidoscope of colors, sizes, cuts, shapes, forms, styles, seasons…and that’s just naming the obvious. Traditional supply chain knowledge just won’t cut it, and you need a customized solution to turn the unique experience your brand promises into a sustainably delivered reality.

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