Join a company that
isn’t scared to be


As the first LogTech (Logistics & Technology) hybrid, we know a thing
or two about taking the untrodden path. Partner with us in our mission
to revolutionalize the logistics industry.

Why Choose iHub?

If You Have an Idea,
We Want to Hear It

Be empowered to spearhead change. Spot an area you are keen on improving? Go htmlFor it! Have an innovative solution you want to try out? Tell us more about it! At iHub, we value creativity and readily invest in our team’s ideas.

Career Escalator

Drive your career vertically in one field, horizontally into a different department, or branch out into a completely new unit (Yup! That has happened before). As strong believers in continuous growth, we support and reward personal improvement. Speaking of growth, we also regularly sponsor our staff to take courses and build up their skillsets. Join us and go from stale to scale in your career journey today.

Never Boxed In

Logistics is an essential industry that plays a major role in the success of other businesses. Here, you’ll get to work with a myriad of brands from various industries so you’re never really limited to just one field. Our clients range from cult beauty brands to multinational technology companies, all of which you might just get to work closely with! Logistics is here to stay so there’s never a boring day.

Not Your Average
Braindead Workplace

We hate mundane work just as much as you do. Instead, we like to keep things interesting and leave the boring stuff htmlFor the robots to work on. Tinkering with Artificial Intelligence on one day and testing out a robot on the next, there is always something new brewing in the office.

Our Core Values

  • Continuous Learning
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Customer Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Care

Current Openings

Write to us at [email protected] or contact us on +65 62648289