iHub represented at Shell Leadership Innovation Roundtable

iHub was specially invited by Shell to their Leadership Innovation Roundtable on 8 Nov 2019.

The roundtable brought together leaders from both business and government sectors representing the brightest minds across diverse sectors of society together in an immersive dialogue centred on Smart and Sustainable Mobility which is crucially important not only for fleet companies but also for the society at large and needs effective and seamless public and private sector collaboration.

We are living in an era of unprecedented urbanisation and much of the public debate on sustainability revolves around reducing carbon emissions and increasing the use of green technology for energy sources. Sustainability can only be attained when a comprehensive and holistic approach is taken and developed in an environmentally-responsible manner. We can then harness the appropriate technologies to tackle urban and environmental issues. iHub is committed to this same vision and will continue to enhance our sustainable supply chain practices.